NEW BRITAIN — The 2015 candidates running on the Republican line for Common Council at- large will be incumbent Daniel Salerno, as well as Piotr “Pete” Ceglarz, Daniel Davis, Christopher Polkowski, and James Sanders, Jr.

“This is one impressive at-large slate,” said Mayor Erin E. Stewart. “All of them have vast campaign experience and deep roots in the community. Pete Ceglarz just ran a very competitive race for State Representative in 2014 and is the owner of Ceglarz Motors on West Main Street. Dan Davis has served on the Board of Education for two years and is constantly volunteering whenever he has a free moment. Chris Polkowski has served with distinction as the Chairman of our Board of Water Commissioners and has successfully managed several multi-million dollar projects as an engineer for the City. Jim Sanders, Jr. is a proud business owner & developer on New Britain’s east side and seeks to continue his family’s commitment to quality public education. These individuals are totally committed to New Britain’s success and I know they will work tirelessly to earn the support of their friends and neighbors.”

“Alderman at-large Danny Salerno has made an indelible impression during his first two years on the Council,” continued Mayor Stewart. “While he is a lifelong Democrat, he is a proud member of our “RUD” (Republican, Unaffiliated and Democrat) caucus and brings a unique and valuable perspective to everything we do. He has hosted gatherings across the City, where residents can come for coffee and speak with him directly. There is no question in my mind that Danny has earned a second term on the Council, and I am confident that the residents of New Britain will agree.”

Said Alderman Salerno, “I am running for second term because we have only begun the process of turning New Britain around, and I want to further the progress and vision of Mayor Erin Stewart and her administration. It has always been my intent to be the most proactive Alderman I can be. We must continue implementing policies that will spur economic development, grow the Grand List, and secure a 21st century education for all children.”

“Thanks to Mayor Stewart, New Britain is moving in the right direction,” said Piotr Ceglarz. “Being a small business owner in town, I know what it takes to make tough choices, manage costs, and create jobs. We have a great opportunity this November to make this City great again, and I hope to be a part of that.”

“New Britain needs to continue bringing in additional businesses and employers,” said Daniel Davis. “We also need to focus on highlighting all the wonderful things this community has to offer. We have good schools, safe streets, and an economy that is starting to come back. Most importantly, we have great people, and I look forward to meeting many of them on the campaign trail.”

Said Christopher Polkowski, “The chance to improve the City I love is what drove my decision to run for Common Council. I believe in promoting smart economic development, reducing the City’s debt so that our bond rating can continue to increase, and making sure that everything is done in a transparent and ethical manner. New Britain is my home and I want to do everything I can to make it the best home it can be for all our residents.”

“I decided to run for Alderman at-large because I truly want to see New Britain succeed,” said Jim Sanders, Jr. “Our Mayor needs a team with commitment, knowledge and experience to accomplish her vision and I believe I bring those traits to the table. No one wants to see New Britain become the “hard-hittin” place it once was more than me, and I will be working my hardest to earn this City’s support.”


NEW BRITAIN — The 2015 candidates running on the Republican line for Common Council in Ward 1 will be incumbents Wilfredo “Willy” Pabon and Jamie Giantonio.

“I couldn’t ask for two more dedicated and hardworking people to run in Ward 1 than Jamie Giantonio and Willy Pabon,” said Mayor Erin E. Stewart. “As the leaders of the “RUD” (Republican, Unaffiliated and Democrat) caucus, they have been instrumental in helping me enact good, bipartisan policies that have restored fiscal stability and are spurring economic development throughout the City. I hope that my friends and neighbors in Ward 1 will join me in supporting Jamie and Willy for another term on the Council.”

“It has been an honor to serve New Britain on the Common Council,” said Alderman Pabon. “We are finally addressing the big problems facing our City and finding creative and collaborative solutions to them. As the Minority Leader of a caucus that includes Democrats, Republicans and Unaffiliated officials, I am proud of the way we work together to do good things for the people we represent. I want to continue helping to move New Britain in a better direction.”

Said Alderman Giantonio, “Under Mayor Stewart’s leadership, we have done so much to right the ship and get New Britain working again. There is a new level of civility and respect shared among all elected officials that has been lacking in past years, and that has made it possible for us to tackle some difficult issues without getting caught up in political gamesmanship. The only way for New Britain to reach its fullest potential is for all of us to work together and I am running to do just that.”

Four-term incumbent Cheryl Blogoslawski will be seeking reelection as New Britain’s Tax Collector.

“I don’t know many people who would want to be the Tax Collector, but it is a job that Cheryl takes very seriously and does very well,” said Mayor Stewart. “She feels a tremendous responsibility to this City and is so proud to continue the Blogoslawski Family tradition of public service. I am thrilled she has decided to seek another term.”

“I was raised in a family that believes very strongly in giving back to our hometown through public service,” said Tax Collector Blogoslawski. “Over the past eight years, I have sought to enhance the way our office interacts with taxpayers, to make it easier for them to pay taxes, and to maintain our consistently high rate of collection. While no one really relishes having to pay taxes, we try to make that process as simple, accurate and user-friendly as possible.”


NEW BRITAIN—The 2015 candidates running on the Republican line for Common Council in Ward 2 will be newcomers Jerrell Hargraves and Kristian Rosado.

“I am absolutely thrilled to have Jerrell Hargraves and Kristian Rosado on the slate for Common Council in Ward 2,” said Mayor Erin E. Stewart. “They are deeply involved in our community and this is a great way for them to take their service to the next level. Jerrell has done so much for New Britain’s youth through his work with Parks & Rec and the school district, as well as being a volunteer basketball coach for the past 10 years. As a Reverend at the Calvary Christian Center, Kristian Rosado’s daily mission is to serve the needs of our community. He brings a level of passion and energy to everything he does – something we need on the Common Council.”

“Jerrell, a registered Democrat, and Kristian, a registered Unaffiliated, are both committed to finding bipartisan solutions to the issues we face,” the Mayor continued. “At ages 25 and 33, respectively, they are part of New Britain’s new generation of leadership and I look forward to having them on the Council.”

Said Jerrell Hargraves, “I am excited to help build a better tomorrow for my hometown. We need fresh ideas on the Common Council and we need leaders who will truly represent their neighbors and not engage in the same old partisan politics of the past. I want to find ways to attract new businesses and alleviate the burden on our taxpayers. A big part of that will be leveraging further transit-oriented development assistance from the state to develop areas in the East End around CTFastrak.”

“I believe that my unique blend of experiences in serving people in various fields, as well as my problem solving ability and deep concern for our community will help me be a good Alderman,” said Kristian Rosado. “I love this City, I love our diversity and uniqueness, and I love our people. The spirit of service that God and my parents instilled in me compels me to stand up for what is right for all residents. I believe that Mayor Stewart has New Britain heading in the right direction and I look forward to advocating for ideas and policies that will foster long-term sustainable growth.”

Certified Public Accountant Mark DeGrandis will be making a second run at City Treasurer, after coming close as the Republican nominee in 2013.

“Typically, people don’t pay a lot of attention to the office of City Treasurer, but in 2013, Mark ran a spirited campaign in his first run for political office,” said Mayor Stewart. “As a certified public accountant, Mark is a financial professional who will bring significant – and necessary – experience to the position. His service on the Board of Finance and Taxation over the past two years has been critical in helping us bring the City’s finances back to structural balance.”

“As a lifelong resident of New Britain, I care deeply about this City, its residents and our future,” said DeGrandis. “I have worked in accounting for over 10 years, as well as an audit consultant within a corporate finance department. While there are many things that are beyond the control of the City Treasurer, I will work tirelessly to ensure that decisions made with respect to bonding and financial issues are given the scrutiny they deserve, in light of the City’s ongoing financial constraints. I truly look forward to running on a winning ticket, led by Mayor Stewart.”

Candidate Contact Information:

Mark DeGrandis

Phone: 860-916-6494


Jerrell Hargraves

Phone: 860-462-6423


Kristian Rosado

Phone: 860-893-3548



NEW BRITAIN—The 2015 candidates running on the Republican line for Common Council in Ward 4 will be incumbents Don Naples and Robert Smedley. In Ward 5, the candidates will be incumbent Louis Salvio and newcomer Miriam A. Geraci.

“I have been thoroughly impressed by the way Aldermen Naples and Smedley have performed as “freshmen” on the Common Council over the past two years,” said Mayor Erin E. Stewart. “They have been tireless advocates for their neighbors, and are fully engaged in finding solutions that will best balance the rights and needs of Ward 4 residents with the rights and needs of the students at CCSU. They are also registered Unaffiliated voters – not Republican – and are a big part of my effort to see that the best possible people run for office, regardless of party affiliation.”

“My first two years serving as an Alderman have been extremely challenging and rewarding, particularly regarding veterans’ issues and quality of life in our neighborhoods. I’m proud to continue “giving back” to my home town. New Britain has made great progress on several fronts under the active leadership of Mayor Stewart and the refreshing bipartisan cooperation of the Common Council. I look forward to maintaining that momentum during the next term,” said Alderman Don Naples.

“I’ve decided to seek a second term on the Council because I would like to continue being a part of the positive changes and significant improvements going on in our great City,” said Alderman Smedley. “I believe I have demonstrated an ability to listen to, and understand, the concerns of my neighbors and am willing to make difficult decisions when I know they are right. A lot has been accomplished, but there is still so much more to do in making New Britain ‘The Place to Be.’”

“I am also very excited by our team running in Ward 5,” said Mayor Stewart. “Alderman Salvio has devoted his life to public service, both as a teacher and as a member of the Council, and I know that he is committed to revitalizing New Britain. Miriam is a native of New Britain and shares my vision for where this City is going in the future. She will be a great addition to the Council.” Said Alderman Salvio, “I am running primarily to remain involved as a citizen and resident taxpayer in helping to shape our City government and make it more responsive and responsible to those it serves. As a lifelong educator, I believe that we never stop learning and, right now, our City is learning how to reinvent itself for the 21st century and be positioned for further economic growth. I want to see us continue in this new direction.”

“I am so proud to run with Mayor Stewart and be a part of her team,” said Miriam Geraci. “Like many who run for office, I want to make a positive difference in the City I live in and be a part of decisions that will bring continued progress to New Britain. There has been such a wonderful change in this City over the past two years. We are beginning to see the good that can come from having a clear vision and then working hard to make it a reality. I will be working hard between now and November 3rd to earn the confidence of the people in the 5th Ward and would be honored to represent them on the Common Council.”

Candidate Contact Information:

Ald. Don Naples

Phone: 860-229-5000


Ald. Robert Smedley

Phone: 860-818-3628


Ald. Louis Salvio

Phone: 860-690-3765


Miriam Geraci

Phone: 860-637-2337