NEW BRITAIN — The 2015 candidates running on the Republican line for Common Council in Ward 1 will be incumbents Wilfredo “Willy” Pabon and Jamie Giantonio.

“I couldn’t ask for two more dedicated and hardworking people to run in Ward 1 than Jamie Giantonio and Willy Pabon,” said Mayor Erin E. Stewart. “As the leaders of the “RUD” (Republican, Unaffiliated and Democrat) caucus, they have been instrumental in helping me enact good, bipartisan policies that have restored fiscal stability and are spurring economic development throughout the City. I hope that my friends and neighbors in Ward 1 will join me in supporting Jamie and Willy for another term on the Council.”

“It has been an honor to serve New Britain on the Common Council,” said Alderman Pabon. “We are finally addressing the big problems facing our City and finding creative and collaborative solutions to them. As the Minority Leader of a caucus that includes Democrats, Republicans and Unaffiliated officials, I am proud of the way we work together to do good things for the people we represent. I want to continue helping to move New Britain in a better direction.”

Said Alderman Giantonio, “Under Mayor Stewart’s leadership, we have done so much to right the ship and get New Britain working again. There is a new level of civility and respect shared among all elected officials that has been lacking in past years, and that has made it possible for us to tackle some difficult issues without getting caught up in political gamesmanship. The only way for New Britain to reach its fullest potential is for all of us to work together and I am running to do just that.”

Four-term incumbent Cheryl Blogoslawski will be seeking reelection as New Britain’s Tax Collector.

“I don’t know many people who would want to be the Tax Collector, but it is a job that Cheryl takes very seriously and does very well,” said Mayor Stewart. “She feels a tremendous responsibility to this City and is so proud to continue the Blogoslawski Family tradition of public service. I am thrilled she has decided to seek another term.”

“I was raised in a family that believes very strongly in giving back to our hometown through public service,” said Tax Collector Blogoslawski. “Over the past eight years, I have sought to enhance the way our office interacts with taxpayers, to make it easier for them to pay taxes, and to maintain our consistently high rate of collection. While no one really relishes having to pay taxes, we try to make that process as simple, accurate and user-friendly as possible.”

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