The 2017 candidates running on the Republican line for Common Council in Ward 1 will be incumbents Wilfredo “Willy” Pabon and Jamie Giantonio. 


“Jamie and Willy have been instrumental in crafting solid, bipartisan policies that have helped reinvigorate our community,” said Mayor Erin E. Stewart. “I am proud of the work they have done to help spur economic development throughout the City and make our community a better place to live. Their leadership and ability to work with members of both parties has certainly made us a stronger City. They have been aggressive in returning us to financial stability and creating an environment where developers, residents, and investors have confidence in the direction of our City.”


“With dozens of new businesses opening up over the last two years—adding hundreds of new jobs—it is clear that New Britain is on the rise. I want to continue being a part of the work that Mayor Stewart is undertaking to create a new era of innovation and prosperity in New Britain. Part of that success has been her belief that no one party has a monopoly on what is right for New Britain,” said Common Council Pro-Tempore Jamie Giantonio.


Said Alderman Pabon, “As a small business owner, I know the difficulties that lie in making a new venture a successful one. Mayor Stewart has reorganized City Hall and offered up resources to make establishing a business in New Britain a welcoming and friendly process.  As our business community grows, we become more vibrant. I look forward to continue working with the Mayor and the residents of New Britain.”


Five-term incumbent Cheryl Blogoslawski will be seeking reelection as New Britain’s Tax Collector.


“The position of Tax Collector is not very glamorous, but it is a job that Cheryl takes very seriously and does very well,” said Mayor Stewart. “She feels a tremendous responsibility to this City and is so proud to continue the Blogoslawski Family tradition of public service. I am thrilled she has decided to seek another term.”


“I was raised in a family that believes very strongly in giving back to our hometown through public service,” said Tax Collector Blogoslawski. “Over the course of my time in office, I have sought to enhance the way our office interacts with taxpayers, to make it easier for them to pay taxes, and to maintain our consistently high rate of collection. While no one really relishes having to pay taxes, we try to make that process as simple, accurate and user-friendly as possible.”


Town and City Clerk, Mark Bernacki, will be running for re-election for the first time.


“Mark has done a phenomenal job bringing the Town Clerk’s office into the 21st century. He has moved many of the department’s services online, making it easier for residents, researchers, and developers to access the vital records that they need,” said Mayor Stewart. “He has sought out unique grant opportunities to digitize our records and has made it a priority to make government more accessible.”


“Bringing 24/7 technologies, transparency, greater accessibility, and a small business customer centric approach to the town clerk’s office were my top priorities. It could only be accomplished through the hard work and dedication of the Town Clerk and IT staffs. Mayor Stewart’s vision and support on implementing these strategies were critical in our success. I would be an honor and privilege to continue serving the people of New Britain,” Bernacki said.


Also running for re-election will be City Treasurer Mark DeGrandis.


“For the past two years, Mark has done a great job helping New Britain regain its fiscal stability,” Mayor Stewart said. “Mark’s financial background as a certified public accountant plays a vital role in his job as City Treasurer.”


“The job that Mayor Stewart has done with our City’s finances is remarkable,” said DeGrandis. “To see New Britain go from almost being on the brink of bankruptcy, to the position we are in today, is something many others should take notice in. I look forward to running for re-election on Mayor Stewart’s team and continuing to help the City of New Britain.”  


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