Common Council Meeting – June 23, 2010

The Common Council of New Britain will meet this Wednesday. Public comment will begin at 7:00PM where any member of the public can address the Common Council, the regular meeting is to follow. The agenda for this meeting can be viewed here and the associated documents can be viewed here.The agenda seems relatively light for this week. The only issues being discussed seem more like formalities than hard pressing matters. There may be some discussion over the transfer of funds from the General Contingency Fund to the Health Department in order to cover the rising costs of evictions, however even that issue seems tame.

While the Mayor’s veto is not on the agenda and Majority Leader Sherwood has said he does not intend on bringing the matter before the council it is unclear as to whether the issue will come up. There have been times in the past when issues have been added to the agenda at the last minute. Perhaps by keeping the budget off of the agenda the Majority Leader is hoping to keep the public at bay.

However, you should still take the time to attend the meeting and speak out during public comments on the issue of the budget. In several Herald articles Phil Sherwood has spoken out as a supporter of taking legal action against the Mayor. He is alleging that Mayor Stewart has acted in violation of the City Charter by utilizing his veto powers, despite the fact that corporation council previously provided the legal opinion that the Mayor was acting within the guidelines of the City Charter.  When he did not like the opinion of Corporation Council he asked how the Council could seek an outside legal opinion.

In short, Mr. Sherwood would like to see this matter brought into court at the tax payers expense so that the City of New Britain could sue the City of New Britain. In this bizarre legal battle the only guaranteed loser would be the taxpayers. They would have to fund the outside attorney, they would have to fund the Mayor’s defense, and in the case that the Courts chose to ignore the City Charter, as Mr. Sherwood has, the taxpayers would be hit again with higher taxes. This matter must be addressed before it can even be allowed to arise, we must speak out against this wasteful game of vengeance that Alderman Sherwood would play at the tax payers’ expense.

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