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Election Results

After a long fought campaign season the results are in. Congratulations to all those who won and a special thank you to all the candidates who ran and did not win this time. We know that you will all keep fighting the good fight. As Out risked review company this antibiotics no prescription canada results […]

Election Day Today!

We’ve kept you updated on this campaign season, posting articles making the case for the bipartisan Team Stewart as well as showing the many problems with O’Brien’s campaign. Now it is time to show up at the polls and make the difference! If you need a ride to the polls or see any voting irregularities when you […]

The Truth on Taxes

The above ad was placed by Frank Marrocco in today’s Herald. It is important that people see this. It brings to light the deceptive practices of Tim O’Brien that have been mentioned here before. That is the problem with O’Brien’s campaign. When the facts come to light his arguments evaporate.

It is time to do YOUR part!

Throughout this entire campaign season there has been a lot of information dispersed through this website as well as others. The feedback that our slate has received has been overwhelmingly supportive. The people of New Britain want progress. They recognize the improvements that have been made over the past several years and they know, as […]