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Republican’s Nominate 30-Year-old Entrepreneur for 24th Assembly District

Republicans recently nominated Cris Carillo as their candidate for the office of State Representative for the 24th district, which includes parts of both New Britain and Newington. Carillo, 30, is a resident of  New Britain and owner of KeystoneBankCard.com. “I am honored and humbled to be the Republican nominee for the 24th District,” said Carillo.  “I greatly appreciate the support I have […]

Election Results

After a long fought campaign season the results are in. Congratulations to all those who won and a special thank you to all the candidates who ran and did not win this time. We know that you will all keep fighting the good fight. As Out risked review company this antibiotics no prescription canada results […]

The Truth on Taxes

The above ad was placed by Frank Marrocco in today’s Herald. It is important that people see this. It brings to light the deceptive practices of Tim O’Brien that have been mentioned here before. That is the problem with O’Brien’s campaign. When the facts come to light his arguments evaporate.

Tim O’Brien’s Spotty Record

Let us imagine for a minute that Tim O’Brien’s campaign was not surrounded with questionable ethics.  Let us imagine that he had not received tens of thousands of dollars from Political Action Committees (PACs), lobbyists, and special interest groups.  Let us even imagine a world where Tim O’Brien’s tax plan was a thing of facts […]