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League of Women Voters Debate!

The League of Women Voters is hosting a debate on Tuesday evening (Oct. 20) in Town Hall.  This is an excellent chance to see the contrast between Mayor Stewart and his opponent Tim O’Brien.  Come and count how many detailed answers Tim O’Brien gives, chances are you won’t need more than one hand.  Turn out […]

Paraprofessionals’ Debate Video

The debate on Wednesday night (Oct. 7) was wonderfully stimulating. While Mayor Stewart was big on details and exact plans, Candidate O’Brien was big on promises and unsupported claims. Tim O’Brien again defended “senior tax relief” (videos 7 and 9) without being able to produce any evidence that such a program is needed. Paul Carver, […]

Debate at the High School

On Wednesday October 7, 2009 at 7:00pm, there will be a debate held in either the lecture hall or the auditorium at New Britain High School (which are right across from each other.) It is being sponsored by the Paraprofessionals of New Britain and is open to the public. If you want to see first […]

No Word on a Stewart/O’Brien Debate

Despite several claims by candidate Tim O’Brien that he wishes to conduct a clean campaign that is focused on the issues, he has not yet challenged Mayor Stewart to a single debate.  Perhaps Mr. O’Brien is afraid to talk about the issues that New Britain faces.  Mayor Stewart, for his part, says that he is […]