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Democrats Hijack Council for Political Agenda

As mentioned in this post Alderman Trueworthy has succeed in undermining the political process for the sake of his party’s agenda.  At the April 28th Council Meeting Democratic Alderman Michael Trueworthy brought forth a resolution that would state the Common Council’s support for the Citizen’s Election Program. As other new analysts have already stated, this […]

Tim O’Brien’s Spotty Record

Let us imagine for a minute that Tim O’Brien’s campaign was not surrounded with questionable ethics.  Let us imagine that he had not received tens of thousands of dollars from Political Action Committees (PACs), lobbyists, and special interest groups.  Let us even imagine a world where Tim O’Brien’s tax plan was a thing of facts […]

A Plan for Failure

According to Tim O’Brien’s own blog he has released his plan for tax relief. This release was made through a “New Britain Democratic E-Letter.” Perhaps Mr. O’Brien was afraid that if he released this plan publicly, too many voters would realize that his “plan” is little more than empty promises.

Paraprofessionals’ Debate Video

The debate on Wednesday night (Oct. 7) was wonderfully stimulating. While Mayor Stewart was big on details and exact plans, Candidate O’Brien was big on promises and unsupported claims. Tim O’Brien again defended “senior tax relief” (videos 7 and 9) without being able to produce any evidence that such a program is needed. Paul Carver, […]