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McNamara’s “secret” rally

Tonight the Common Council of New Britain will hold a special meeting at 5:15 PM. According the Michael Trueworthy the one agenda item will be to overturn the Mayor’s veto appropriating $20,000 dollars for the Common Council to retain outside counsel to weigh in on the dispute regarding the Mayor’s budget veto. In related news, […]

DTC to hold “open dialogue”

On their website Democratic Chairman McNamara announced that the DTC will be holding an “open dialogue” on the municipal budget and the city education system. The NBRTC urges all concerned citizens to attend this meeting and ask hard questions of the democratic leadership. For instance, we would like to know: How can the Democrats on […]

A Plan for Failure

According to Tim O’Brien’s own blog he has released his plan for tax relief. This release was made through a “New Britain Democratic E-Letter.” Perhaps Mr. O’Brien was afraid that if he released this plan publicly, too many voters would realize that his “plan” is little more than empty promises.

O’Brien and the DTC support censorship

One of the most powerful movements of the 21st century is the ability the internet has given to every person to express themselves through art, music, and the spoken word. The ability every citizen has now to create a blog or website and give themselves a voice is both impressive and at times frightening. The […]