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Blumenthal’s Lies and Apologies

As many of you have undoubtedly already heard or read there was a recent NY Times article where Richard Blumenthal was lambasted for his lies about his service in Vietnam. Though Attorney General Blumenthal served in the Marine Reserves after receiving 6 deferments during the Vietnam War he never once stepped foot in Vietnam as […]

O’Brien Waffles and Baffles

Just like John Kerry, Tim O’Brien has revealed he is little more than a waffling politician whose stance on issues is made based on the votes it will gain him.  In Tim O’Brien’s latest interview in the New Britain Herald, he said “A flat tax would be ideal.”  Unfortunately he then went on to add […]

McNamara deflects and accuses

The Democratic Town Chairman, John McNamara, is at it again. This time he is railing against the fact that Republican Aldermen Mark Bernacki and Lou Salvio gave back 5% of their pay. Yes, that is right, he is criticizing the Aldermen for giving money back to the city. It is rather unbelievable, so here is […]

The Republican Slate (now with more bipartisanship)

As of this past Thursday night, the official nominee of the New Britain Republican Party for the office of City Clerk is longtime Democrat Peter Denuzze. Mr. Denuzze has a long record of service in the city, having served many years as city clerk. “We are pleased to welcome Peter Denuzze to our bi-partisan slate. […]