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Henry Zembko for 6th District

Frank Smith has written a nice synopsis of Henry Zembko’s speech to the NBRTC at last months meeting. Please check it out and stay tuned for more on our candidates coming soon.

O’Brien Waffles and Baffles

Just like John Kerry, Tim O’Brien has revealed he is little more than a waffling politician whose stance on issues is made based on the votes it will gain him.  In Tim O’Brien’s latest interview in the New Britain Herald, he said “A flat tax would be ideal.”  Unfortunately he then went on to add […]

McNamara deflects and accuses

The Democratic Town Chairman, John McNamara, is at it again. This time he is railing against the fact that Republican Aldermen Mark Bernacki and Lou Salvio gave back 5% of their pay. Yes, that is right, he is criticizing the Aldermen for giving money back to the city. It is rather unbelievable, so here is […]

What is in a slogan?

In a recent post, the New Britain Democrat Town Committee stated that “Slogans May Say All You Need To Know About the Mayor’s Race.” It is understandable they wouldn’t want voters to look any further than slogans in this election after the scandal that has rocked Tim O’Brien’s campaign that ultimately cost the candidates their […]