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Election Results

After a long fought campaign season the results are in. Congratulations to all those who won and a special thank you to all the candidates who ran and did not win this time. We know that you will all keep fighting the good fight. As Out risked review company this antibiotics no prescription canada results […]

Progress, not promises!

With all the focus on the empty promises offered by Tim O’Brien there has been little chance to celebrate the work of Mayor Stewart. So here is just a brief list of the many accomplishments that New Britain has seen under 6 years of Mayor Stewart’s leadership. Celebration Foods came to New Britain, bringing 300 […]

League of Women Voters Debate!

The League of Women Voters is hosting a debate on Tuesday evening (Oct. 20) in Town Hall.  This is an excellent chance to see the contrast between Mayor Stewart and his opponent Tim O’Brien.  Come and count how many detailed answers Tim O’Brien gives, chances are you won’t need more than one hand.  Turn out […]

Paraprofessionals’ Debate Video

The debate on Wednesday night (Oct. 7) was wonderfully stimulating. While Mayor Stewart was big on details and exact plans, Candidate O’Brien was big on promises and unsupported claims. Tim O’Brien again defended “senior tax relief” (videos 7 and 9) without being able to produce any evidence that such a program is needed. Paul Carver, […]