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O’Brien – the do nothing candidate…

Tim O’Brien has been running on his record as a state legislator. He will ramble on endlessly about how much he has done for New Britain and how many great ideas he’s had. But when one looks that the bills he has introduced on his own in the state legislature and what has happened to […]

Last Night’s Debate

At last night’s debate O’Brien only had two things to talk about. His record as a state representative and how he’d lower our taxes. The problem is that O’Brien’s record on taxes is not as pristine as he’d like. This last session he voted, along with the rest of our delegation, to approve the largest […]

BOE Member speaks out against Tim O’Brien

The following letter was sent to the New Britain Republican Town Committee by Board of Education Anthony Kane. It is important that all families with school aged children read his letter before they even consider voting for Tim O’Brien. =========================== The education system in New Britain is a hotly debated topic and our most costly […]

Dems Veto Override Costs Us $3 Million

The follow letter was written and submitted by Jason Stark. State Representative Tim O’Brien voted along side 105 other Democrats to increase the public campaign funding for Gubernatorial Candidate Dan Malloy by $3 million.  This rises the cost to taxpayers from $3 million to $6 million dollars this year to pay for his political campaign. […]