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Democrats Hijack Council for Political Agenda

As mentioned in this post Alderman Trueworthy has succeed in undermining the political process for the sake of his party’s agenda.  At the April 28th Council Meeting Democratic Alderman Michael Trueworthy brought forth a resolution that would state the Common Council’s support for the Citizen’s Election Program. As other new analysts have already stated, this […]

O’Brien Strikes Out Again

O’Brien has sent out another mass mailing to confuse and frighten voters. Again he repeatedly attempts to mislead without being an out and out liar. However he wants to slice it, this latest mailing contains several deceptive statements. Deception One:  “Under Tim Stewart, 90% of property tax payers in New Britain are paying more.” It […]

Tim O’Brien is still out of touch

In his most recent mailing, Tim O’Brien has again shown he has little to offer the town besides rhetoric. To quote: “It starts with bringing down property taxes for everyone, improving our schools, and using new ideas to create good jobs and grow the grand list to get our city’s economic engine running again.” Perhaps […]

Democrats redefine ‘Clean Campaign’

Tim O’Brien has been calling for a “clean campaign” repeatedly in the press. For those who have not followed the latest news from the New Britain Herald, check out these articles – they are worth your time: Political Smears against the Mayor Trace to the State Capitol Attacks on his wife raise ire of Salvio […]