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Last Night’s Debate

At last night’s debate O’Brien only had two things to talk about. His record as a state representative and how he’d lower our taxes. The problem is that O’Brien’s record on taxes is not as pristine as he’d like. This last session he voted, along with the rest of our delegation, to approve the largest […]

Common Council Meeting – June 23, 2010

The Common Council of New Britain will meet this Wednesday. Public comment will begin at 7:00PM where any member of the public can address the Common Council, the regular meeting is to follow. The agenda for this meeting can be viewed here and the associated documents can be viewed here.

Paul Carver Speaks Out

This year state Rep. Tim O’Brien voted for a state budget that cheats every child in New Britain of an adequate education, and now he wants to blame somebody else for the consequences of his vote. O’Brien voted for the state budget that his party leaders put forward. That budget borrowed for current expenses, skipped payments owed to the […]

Mill Rate Increase in Proposed Budget

The Mayor’s proposed budget contains an increase of 2.55 mills, bringing the mill rate to 37.53. This is the first time in the Mayor’s tenure that he has had to increase the mill rate.  For those who are unaware the mill rate is the amount of taxes owed per $1,000 of assessed value. Another way […]