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It is time to do YOUR part!

Throughout this entire campaign season there has been a lot of information dispersed through this website as well as others. The feedback that our slate has received has been overwhelmingly supportive. The people of New Britain want progress. They recognize the improvements that have been made over the past several years and they know, as […]

Progress, not promises!

With all the focus on the empty promises offered by Tim O’Brien there has been little chance to celebrate the work of Mayor Stewart. So here is just a brief list of the many accomplishments that New Britain has seen under 6 years of Mayor Stewart’s leadership. Celebration Foods came to New Britain, bringing 300 […]

Spaghetti for All!

Come and join Mayor Stewart and the entire Team Stewart for a spaghetti dinner fund raiser tonight (October 27th) at St. Jean’s Hall on Smalley Street from 5-8pm. The cost for this wonderful event will be $15 per person, $25 per couple, and children under 12 are FREE! There will be a raffle to benefit […]