Daniel Davis (R) – Board of Education

Daniel Davis – Candidate for Ward 4 Alderman

Contact Information
Email: danieldavisaaron@gmail.com
Phone:  (860) 922-6282

Daniel Davis is a 25 year old young republican and college graduate of North Carolina A&T State University where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. It was while in undergrad Daniel realized his passion and desire to serve people. Daniel is responsible for founding his school’s first conservative political organization, which he named the College Conservative Leadership Union. They were responsible for bringing conservative speakers to campus and holding open forums about political discourse of the day.

In addition to creation the political organization at his school, Daniel also had the privilege of interning in the U.S. Senate for a semester. Here he was honored to have the experience to learn government from the inside out and see its flaws and its rarities. It was during his time interning on Capitol Hill that Daniel realized his calling to the public sector. The intern’s primary goal at that time was leading constituent tours of the Capitol building, and on these tours, Daniel learned that people want to be led but simply need a leader that they trust and believe in. The constituents were never shy about expressing their feelings of content or discontent with their government and Daniel would listen and ask himself what would he do differently to help.

Now is the time for Daniel Davis to help by simply applying common sense principles, willingness to work, and most importantly a willingness to listen and adhere to the needs of the people.If elected, his only goal to put the citizens of New Britain first.

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